To walk the trail on feet tells you the meaning of time and who you are.

Journeys towards Santiago de Compostella

Every year i walk a few steps towards Santiage de Compostella.

When I walk I take a Photography every quarter hour (= little more than 1km).
Because of that there are quite many pictures to see and every slide show takes about one hour. Nothing for the hasty one.

Who has gone the itinerary may remind of the scenery. For the others, well, it gives you an impression on how time is passing by.

Leon - Fisterre

From Leon to Finisterre, April 6th until 19th, 2009, 510 km, 81 hours of walking, 432 Pictures

Pamplona - Leon

From Pamplona to Leon, September 7th until 17th 2007, 411 km, 326 Pictures

Moissac - Pamplona

From Moissac to Pamplona, July 16th until 27th, 2006, 368 Pictures.

Le Puy en Velay - Moissac

From Le Puy en Velay to Moissac, March 20th until 30th, 2005, 374 Pictures

Geneva - Le Puy en Velay

From Geneva to Le Puy en Velay, May 12 until 21st 2004, 372 Pictures
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