What i write on this page is my opinon. I'm lucky with pretty few. So if you're expecting some standard you have to rate them yourself.
Sites in parenthesis () are albergues I wasn't but heard of from other pilgrims during my stay in that town.

Some I recommend - others I wouldn't

Puente la Reina
(Hotel Jauke: to expensive)
Refugio de Padres: ++
(After crossing the whole town up on a hill is a private refugio. Own pool! +++)

Villamayor de Montjardin
First Refugio when you enter the pueblo, opposite to the church: +
(Second refugio, held by Netherlands: ++)
General: Villamayor is quite small. Same the both refugios. The early bird catches the bed!

Albuerge Ass. La Rioja. 88 beds: ++, but go out for lunch. the city has plenty nice restaurants.

Refugio Municipal: +++ (you miss something if you don't stop over here)

Refugio in the spirit of those of Granon: +++ (totaly different to the one in Azofra. Pretty spiritual)

Refugio in the parque El Parral:+, it was over crowded when I was there
Generally try to avoid the large refugios in the city. You will have a better time in a) villages b) small refugios.

Camping: +, but it has a washing machine and a own restaurant
Refugio just at the church: ++, if it not disturbs you to sleep just beside the bell tower. ding-dong DING-DONG

Carrion de los Condes
I don't know the name. It's left from the camino. The official is right from the camino. Mine is held by nuns. +, no kitchen but enough warm water.

I lost all friends i have made until that day because i walked to fast and left them all behind. I had the blues arriving in that town.
Refugio in the church: ++, go out for lunch. They have pilgrims menus in the restaurants for the "first shift" until the spains go out for their cena.

There were so many on the camino these days. I took the alternative route "north". If you like to be lonesome it's yours. Otherwise keep on going on the ant trail.

Mansilla de las Mulas
Right on the camino still in the center of that town: +++, beautiful. Especially the geranium flowers. Hint: They fill the rooms as the pilgrims are arriving. So let your brain work and think a little strategic in which bathroom you will have the warmer water, in the evening - and in ther morning ;-)