Fly over the Camino with Google Earth.

Do you have Google Earth installed on your computer? Great.
As I recorded all my walking on GPS you can follow the camino on birds flight now.

Download one of the following KML track to your desktop and double click on it to start Google Earth. Select the track and click on the play button to start a virtual fligth on the Camino.

Hint: Choose the lowest distance above ground possible if the satelite photographies are of good quality. To me the flight looks best when camera angle looks straight to the ground (between 0 and 20 Degrees).

Enjoy !

Leon-Villar_de_Mazarife.kml15.03 KB
Villar_de_Mazarife-Astorga.kml20.39 KB
Astorga-Foncebadon.kml8.97 KB
Foncebadon-Ponferrada.kml20.3 KB
Ponferrada-Vega_de_Valcarce.kml16.53 KB
Vega_de_Valcarce-Triacastela.kml20.29 KB